ARQA as an external partner supports education institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan in their efforts to develop an internal quality assurance system through accreditation. By interacting with stakeholders, ARQA promotes quality culture in the educational environment and contributes to building trust in the Kazakh education system. ARQA with its activities supports and implements the best international quality assurance practices, taking into account the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Strategic Plan

 ARQA strategic development plan for 2017 - 2023 provides for the main directions of development of the agency and external stakeholders in the field of education, taking into account the mission, vision, values and objectives of ARQA and the definition of methods to achieve them.

The strategic plan was developed by the ARQA management and approved by the Accreditation Council.

With the full text of the Strategic Development Plan for ARQA for 2017 - 2023 can be found here.

ARQA objectives for 2017 - 2023

- Increasing the level of compilance of higher and postgraduate, as well as technical and vocational education with the best international practices in the field of education through quality assurance activities

- Becoming one of the leading quality assurance agencies operating in Kazakhstan and Central Asia

- Becoming a full member of the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA) and enter the European Register of Quality Assurance Agencies (EQAR)

- Increasing the number of highly qualified experts in the field of education quality assurance by training them