Technical and vocational education is aimed at training skilled workers and mid-level specialists.

The educational process in institutions implementing educational programs of technical and vocational education includes theoretical training as well as industrial training and professional practice, carried out under the guidance of the industrial training master, the head of internship at training workshops, educational farms and on training grounds, under the guidance of a mentor, master of industrial training, the head of practice - on the basis of enterprises (organizations).

Post-secondary education programs are implemented in colleges and higher colleges.

Training of personnel in educational programs of post-secondary education is carried out in specialties, the list of which is approved by the authorized body in the field of education. A student who has passed the final certification for the development of the educational program of post-secondary education is given the qualification “Applied Bachelor”.

Educational programs of technical and vocational education, depending on their content and level of training of students, are divided into the following educational programs:

- Involving the training of skilled workers

- Providing for the training of mid-level specialists

Educational programs of technical and vocational education in the field of culture and art are developed taking into account the principle of early professionalization and the specifics of training students in these specialties. Duration of training depends on the complexity of the programs and the level of qualifications awarded and is determined by the relevant state compulsory education standard.

Educational programs of post-secondary education are aimed at training applied bachelors from among citizens who have secondary education (general secondary or technical and vocational).