The 2019 UNESCO GEM Report addresses migration, displacement and education issues

Global Education Monitoring Report that tracks progress towards achievement

The Sustainable Development Goals for Education (SDG4) recently published the 2019 edition in their GEM report series "Migration, Movement and Education: Building Bridges, Not Walls"

The report provides data on the implications of various types of migration and displacement for education systems, as well as on the impact that curriculum reform and approaches to pedagogy and teacher training can have on solving the problems and opportunities associated with migration and displacement. The report also discusses the role of recognition of qualification on mobility. The report recommends that countries harmonize higher education standarts and quality assurance mechanisms for the recognition of academic qualifications at the belateral, regional or global level.

The report presents the achievements and failures of countries in ensuring the rights of migrant and refugee children to quality education, rights that quality serve the interests of students and their host communities.