Torino process

The Torino process is an evidence-based policy analysis process for technical and vocational education and training in the European Education Fund (EEF) partner countries and involves the active participation of all stakeholders. The Torino Process was launched in 2010 and is held very every two years, it gives an overview of the state of development of vocational education and training systems in the ETF partner countries and provides an overview of the progress made and the priorities for the future.

Kazakhstan is a member of the Torino process since 2012.

The main key areas of Kazakhstan's participation in the Torino process are:

- Analysis of the main indicators of TVET

- Monitoring progress based on indicators

- Developing policy, evaluating and disseminating best practices

- Active involvement of all stakeholders groups

- Development of methodological tools

The results of the country report on the Torino Process are the basis for the formulation of a policy for the development of technical and vocational education in the Republic of Kazakhstan.